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Car Recycling - Dedicated to End Of Life Vehicles (ELV)


ELV’s can be divided into two categories:


This refers to a vehicle that has come to the end of its life due to natural wear and tear (usually vehicles over ten years old). This type of ELV will simply be de-polluted and then recycled for scrap metal.

This type of ELV (End of Life Vehicle) refers to those vehicles that have come to the end of their life for unnatural reasons such as accident, fire, flood or vandalism damage. However, rather than be scrapped, the insurance companies will categorise and approve for these vehicles to be either dismantled for spare parts only or sold complete as damaged.

Old Banger

Got an old banger that needs moving? Instead of risking a fine from your local council turn that banger into cash!

MOT Failure!

Has your car just failed its MOT? Wondering what to do next? Why not get money for it instead!

TAX Expired?

The DVLA are HOT on the tail of any un-taxed vehicles, if your car is un-roadworthy instead of risking a fine why not give us a call!

Cars Wanted For CASH